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  For Christmas.

  Though not religious countries in Europe, but we are still the feast. When I picked up my socks ready to see the gift, I suddenly heard a burst of crying softly. I had no time to put down the socks, confused dashed downstairs.

  "Meowed, good cold!" A little girl was shivering in the cold. I went over and looked at her heavy the sack in his hand: "little sister, why don't you go home?" The little girl looked up slowly, clear bright eyes looked at me plaintively: "elder sister, I was out by my dad, he said that if I don't sell Christmas gift, he would not play CARDS, I can't go home... the elder sister, you buy, ok..." I pity to looked at her, said: "your dad is so cruel! What do you want to go home? I give you money, you go home. Well, 50 yuan can?" She shook her head firmly, "no, not good. So my sister lost. I don't money, you pick a gift, give me another."

  I looked at the girl, stubborn, have pride, said: "well, I'll take this." I chose a most expensive, handed the money to her, her beautiful pure smile of mine in the small face: "well, thank you for your sister!" I gave the gift to her again: "come on, take it. This was a Christmas gift I send to you!" She smiled again, faint, lovely, it is like the plum blossom...

  This year Christmas, I received the best gift, is a girl that like the plum blossom of stubborn, resolute, self-esteem, smile!


极速快三能稳赚钱吗_花少钱中大奖22270.COM-  虽说不是欧洲宗教国家,可是我们依然是过节的。极速快三能稳赚钱吗_花少钱中大奖22270.COM-当我拿起袜子准备看礼物的时候,忽然听见了一阵轻轻的哭声。极速快三能稳赚钱吗_花少钱中大奖22270.COM-我来不及放下袜子,疑惑地往楼下奔去。





  December 25 is holiday, Christmas in the west. Although is a western festival, but the children of the east followed.

  I get up early in the morning to go to school, day not bright, but is the lIuxue86.com traffic in the streets. The lights in the shop is gorgeous, the staff have taken red, lovely Christmas hat. Dress in the store is very beautiful, hangs on the ceiling made of colorful confetti small animals; And white snow; Lovely Santa Claus, etc. Store have a beautiful Christmas tree, the tree hung some gift box, and carrying a heavy bag of Santa Claus. Everything is very busy on the street.

  At noon after school, my classmates and I went to the bookstore, bookstore the door there is a Santa Claus, each a student, he will send us a sweet sweet sugar.

  The supermarket is very busy. I wish every day is so happy.






  On December 25, sunny on Saturday

  On Saturday, we and aunt go to McDonald's to eat hamburgers.

  By McDonald's, I ordered a plate chicken leg, end to the second floor, find the position of sit sat down, and eat it with relish. Finished eating hamburgers, aunt took us to buy Christmas presents, I picked out a blue suit small rabbits and a pink bag, over three little flower, flower is pink, one is yellow, and one is white.

  Elder sister to pick four with bowknot hairpin also picked a yellow puppy. Two elder sister picked two cubs, wearing a black clothes, wearing a black hat, a white bow on the neck, the other has been, wearing a white veil, very cute!

  I love this Christmas. What a colorful Christmas!

  12月 25日 星期六 晴


极速快三能稳赚钱吗_花少钱中大奖22270.COM-  到了麦当劳,我点了一个板烧鸡腿堡,端到二楼,找到了坐的位置坐了下来,津津有味地吃了起来。吃完了汉堡,姑姑又带我们去买圣诞礼物,我挑了一只穿着蓝色衣服的小兔子和一个粉红色的小包,上面镶着三朵小花,一朵是粉色的,一朵是黄色的,还有一朵是白色的。




  When I was a child, the teacher and her mother had told us the story of Santa Claus gifts, that is, I was a child, always put the story as true, know now, I only know that Santa Claus delivers gifts don't, but take care of our parents, are they, at the liUxue86.com time of the night, I crept into our room, and the present gently in our bed, and then go out, in the morning, when we saw the gift, will loudly say, Santa Claus came to my house! To meet the parents heard this, they were looking at us with a smile.

  Actually, Santa Claus is not the real Santa Claus, but our parents.

  I wish you all a merry Christmas!





  The annual Christmas is children's favorite holiday, is also a time for the kids happy adults busy, because that adults need to prepare a Christmas gift.

  Every child likes gifts are different, and my favorite gift is two skirt beautiful temperament, it's a pity that it's too expensive, so mom don't buy for me, but my mother said, wait for a discount can buy, then I don't know what disappointed, or the happy? Every child hope can get your idea of a gift, but some parents have no way to give their children a gift they "hope".

  I think I was lucky, thank my parents work hard to make money, I didn't have such a nice family. Christmas that night, I should get Christmas presents, but I still want to wish, let me get I want a Christmas gift, also hope to have a happy Christmas. But even if I didn't get what I want gifts, I will cherish it, cherish it.





  December 25th is Christmas day, my mother told me: Christmas is not a traditional liuxue86.com Chinese festival, it is a festival in western countries the biggest, equivalent to the Spring Festival of our country.

  Now our country Christmas is very grand. A few days before Christmas, go into the street, every corner lets a person feel the atmosphere of the festival. Most of the merchants, shopping malls with a Christmas tree and with a charming smile form to Santa Claus, some on the door, and some in the hall. The Christmas tree is tower, wearing a green dress, slow little taco bell, as long as gently touched, jingle, make beautiful sounds, all sorts of color of small lights like the stars in the sky blink of an eye, and as a small colorful lanterns, flash, beautiful!

  Many merchants in order to attract customers eye, in a transparent glass door spew out all kinds of Christmas gifts of graphics, some direct hit "celebrate Christmas promotion" of all kinds of benefits of advertising. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, I hope every children want presents can have a big surprise, of course I was no exception.